Defense in a criminal proceeding

What can we help you with?

We have extensive experience in representing clients at all stages of a criminal proceeding. We know what to emphasize in the defense and how to conduct it as efficiently as possible. We will help you avoid mistakes in your defense that could be detrimental to you and that would be very difficult to correct.

Criminal law
Are you being prosecuted, are you receiving letters form the police or the prosecutor´s office and you do not know what to do next? Have you been offered a plea bargain? Is a settlement an option in your case? Have you been served with a criminal warrant, and you do not know whether to file resistance? Are you at risk… We can help you navigate your situation and choose the best defense strategy, including representation before the criminal authorities (police, prosecutors and courts).

Far from every prosecution must end up in court? We will advise you on how to achieve this.

For most criminal offences, it is possible to achieve what are known as diversions, where either a clean criminal record is maintained or a sentence below the lower end of the sentencing range is imposed? We can help you find out what your options are.