Creation of tailor-made contracts

What can we help you with?

We have extensive experience in drafting various types of contracts in civil, employment, commercial and family law. We will listen to what your needs or problems are and then prepare tailor-made contract that fully serves your needs and provides you with maximum legal protection. We are particularly experienced in the following types of contracts: lease agreement, notice of termination of the lease of apartment, sublease agreement, purchase agreement, donation agreement, brokerage agreement, servitude agreement, easement agreement, escrow agreement, exchange contract, loan agreement, contract on transfer of shares, contract on assignments of receivables, pledge agreement, sub-pledge agreement, partnership agreement, future contract and others.


Even one short sentence can fundamentally change the meaning of the entire contract and that a badly negotiated contract penalty or interest on late payment can render such an agreement invalid? We can help you draft the perfect contract and avoid invalid provisions in contracts, and we will also be happy to review the contracts you want to sign to ensure that you are really only committing to what you want.