Criminal law

Criminal law
We provide legal advice and comprehensive legal representation in all areas of criminal law, at any stage of criminal proceeding. We can help not only the accused, but also the victims of crime and, as the victim´s attorney, we can help assert their rights. Have you been unlawfully prosecuted? Even if so, we can help you with obtaining compensation for such prosecution.

What can we help you with?

Criminal charge

We have extensive experience in various areas of criminal law. Have you or someone close to you been a victim of a crime? Do you need to file a criminal charge correctly? Do you not know how to write it, what structure and reasoning to choose and where to file it? That´s what we are here for. We will prepare and arrange everything for you.

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Defense in a criminal proceeding

We have extensive experience in representing clients at all stages of a criminal proceeding. We know what to emphasize in the defense and how to conduct it as efficiently as possible. We will help you avoid mistakes in your defense that could be detrimental to you and that would be very difficult to correct.

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Victim´s representative in the criminal proceeding

We have experience in exercising the rights of victims and other persons negatively influenced by the crime. We can help you claim compensation in a timely manner, in the right way and to the right extent.

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Custody, release from custody

We have extensive experience in representing defendants in custody hearings, arrest and custody interrogations, and in applications for release from custody. Have you or a loved one been taken into custody? Do you know whether this is justified and how to get out of such an unpleasant situation? We will explain your rights, help you analyze the problem and find the optimal solution.

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Conditional release from imprisonment

We will advice you on the possibilities of conditional release from imprisonment in your particular case. We will explain what the conditions are for such a procedure and advise you when, where and how to apply for conditional release.

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As experts in criminal law, we know exactly what the conditions are for expungement, when it happens and what you need to do to get your criminal record clean again after serving your sentence.

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Compensation for unlawful criminal proceeding

Have you been illegally prosecuted? Have you been prosecuted for months or even years without being proven guilty or without your actions being considered a crime? Do you feel injustice towards the state? As experienced professionals, we will help you to find out what you are entitled to and then to claim all your rights in a timely manner and correct manner.

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