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Employment law
Employment law issues are changing, and the Labor Code has undergone dozens of amendments since its creation in 2006. Do you need to draw up an employment contract, contract of work or contract for services correctly? Do you need to contractually regulate the performance of work duties from home? Are you unsure about termination of employment agreement you do not know how write a notice of termination of employment? We are able to prepare all of these documents for you and also provide extensive advice on employment law, including legal representation in court.

What can we help you with?

Creation and revision of employment contract, contract of work or contract for services

Are you an employer? Then we will professionally prepare a tailor-made employment contract for you so that it has all the essential elements and consistently protects your rights. Are you an employee signing an important employment contract? We will go through it for you and point out the rights and obligations arising from it and explain everything to you so that you are in the know.

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Professional drafting of termination of employment notices and severance agreements

From time to time, it is necessary in an employment relation to draw a notice of termination of employment or an agreement to terminate the employment. There may be various reasons for this. Either way, poor realization of termination of employment can have far-reaching and tangible financial consequences. That is why we are here to professionally assist you in exact accordance with your needs so that you can avoid any inconvenience.

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Advice and training courses in the field of employment law (taking leave, entitlement to severance pay, overtimes, etc.)

Employment relations issues are very broad and change frequently. We are therefore ready to advise you on holiday entitlement, overtime pay, severance pay and other situations that employers and employees may encounter. We can provide you with a legal analysis or training tailored to your needs.

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Preparation and revision of the competition clause

Are you an employer? We will identify your needs as an employer in the area of sensitive business information, advise you on the most effective way to protect your interests and help you put the proposed solution into practice so that your rights and interests are efficiently protected.

Are you an employee? Are you about to sign a major contract with a competition clause and do not know what to expect or what your rights are? We can help you to navigate through this, go over the proposed competition clause with you and, if necessary, suggest changes needed to efficiently protect your rights and legitimate interests.

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Representation in court in employment disputes

Despite all efforts, sometimes a situation arises where employer and employee cannot find a common ground. We will try to help you in such a situation, explain the mutual rights and obligations and, if necessary, make professional pre-action notice on your behalf. If necessary, we are prepared to professionally defend your rights in court. With us, you will certainly not get lost in employment law issues and even if the case ends up in court, with us you will still be in control.