Family law

Family law

From time to time, family matters need to be dealt with legally. Whether it is a divorce in the family, inheritance, adjustment of the matrimonial property, child custody or payment of maintenance (alimony), these are often sensitive and legally complex issues. We offer you assistance that will enable you to shift much of the burden of dealing with these matters to professionals. We will listen to you, advice you on what you are entitled to and help you find the best solution legally and humanely.

What can we help you with?

Divorce (drafting the proposition and representation in court)

Do you need to draft a divorce proposition or representation in divorce proceeding? Do you want help in an amicable settlement with the opposing party? A family law expert on our team is ready to help you so that everything goes as smoothly and quickly as possible and your rights are consistently protected.

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Matrimonial property (reduction, extension and division)

They may be situations in life when the matrimonial property needs to be reduced or expanded, or when it needs to be settled. We will help you prepare the necessary documents for the reduction or extension of the matrimonial property or, in the event of divorce, an agreement on the division of the matrimonial property and, in the case of modifications of the matrimonial property that require the form of notarial record, we will help you find a reliable and fast notary. We can also prepare a pre-marital agreement on matrimonial property or separation of property of spouses.

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Inheritance and inheritance law issues (drafting up a will, representation in inheritance proceeding)

We will advise you on what your options are when drafting up a will, what are your options for disinheritance and what you must not forget when drafting up a will. If necessary, we can also represent you in the probate proceeding so that your rights are consistently protected, and you avoid unnecessary mental and time burdens.

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Maintenance (application for determination of the amount of maintenance for children or spouse)

There may be situations in life when the maintenance needs to be determined, whether between parents and children or whether between spouses. But for how much to ask for and how? What are you entitled to and how to prove it? Alimony proceedings may not be straightforward. A family law expert on our legal team can help you to formulate a proper motion and file it with the correct court, including the necessary evidence. We will also represent you properly in these proceedings.

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Custody of a child and arrangements for contact with the minor child (drafting the proposition and representation in court proceedings)

Do you need the court to modify the custody and access of parents to a minor child? But what can be requested and what will the courts be willing to grant? Get advice from the experts with extensive experience in this field. We will help you find a viable option so that the custody and access proceedings go as smoothly as possible to your, and your child´s satisfaction.

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