Debt recovery, pre-action notices and representation in court

What can we help you with?

If you are unable to assert your rights, we are ready to take over your legal representation, draft a pre-action notice, file the right kind of lawsuit and fully represent you in court in commercial, civil employment, administrative and criminal law depending on the needs of your business or company. More information

Did you know that: A large proportion of non-paying debtors often respond to a letter from a law firm representing their creditors? The threat of court costs for a successful creditor´s attorney often acts as an effective incentive to voluntarily fulfil obligations. We will save your valuable time.

A poorly drafted pre-action notice that does not have all the essential elements can lead to a situation, when the court will not award you the costs of the proceeding even if the action to recover the debt is successful? We can help you to avoid mistakes and save your unnecessary costs.