Realization of general meetings and assistance with company documentation

What can we help you with?

Commercial law is changing rapidly in our country. Many entrepreneurs still remember the “old” Commercial Code, but in the meantime, the Companies Act has already come into force and has been amended several times and most recently quite significantly. In addition, every commercial company has to comply with quite extensive requirements of the Public Registers Act. We can help you by keeping track of when you are supposed to hold your company´s general meeting and ensuring that it is conducted in a valid, lawful manner. We can also make sure that you submit the information you are legally required to submit to the public registers properly and on time. We can also help you keep your company documentation up to date. More about general meetings.


By law, every company is obliged to hold a general meeting every year and to submit the appropriate documents to the court, and that the failure to comply with some of these obligations can now lead in extreme cases to dissolution of the company by the court? We will keep a close eye on these obligations for you and help you to ensure that your general meetings are valid and that the legally required documents are sent to the relevant court on time.