Victim´s representative in the criminal proceeding – help to victims of crimes

What can we help you with?

We have experience in exercising the rights of victims and other persons negatively influenced by the crime. We can help you claim compensation in a timely manner, in the right way and to the right extent.

Criminal law
Have you received a lot of documents and instructions from law enforcement regarding the fact that you are being treated as a victim? Do you have any claim for damages? And if so, to what extent? We will help you to not get lost in this and to efficiently exercise your rights as a victim in a criminal proceeding.

As a victim in a criminal proceeding, you can claim compensation without having to pay court fees and the convicted offender can be ordered to pay your legal costs in said proceeding? We can help you to assert your rights.

It is possible to claim damages in so-called adhesion proceeding against the defendant only until the evidence presentation phase in the main trial has begun? We will help you not to miss your claim.