Professional drafting of termination of employment notices and severance agreements

What can we help you with?

From time to time, it is necessary in an employment relation to draw a notice of termination of employment or an agreement to terminate the employment. There may be various reasons for this. Either way, poor realization of termination of employment can have far-reaching and tangible financial consequences. That is why we are here to professionally assist you in exact accordance with your needs so that you can avoid any inconvenience.


Employer´s failure to give specific enough notice of termination of employment or one completely lacking statutory reason for the termination is invalid, and a court can order the employer to pay the employee´s wages for the entire period during which he or she was unable to work as a result of the termination of employment. We can help you to find out what your rights and obligations are and to exercise them properly, either by professionally drafting the necessary documents or by representing you in court.